Sahil Dua

Gaurav Umrani

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I'm currently living in Jaipur, India and working as a Software Engineer for JTC. I spend my time watching movies/ web-series, travelling and writing code. I also write about tech

I also have a strong interest in the startup culture and product development.

When developing software, I tend to think about practicality, user experience, software development principles and business viability. The most important thing is that we'll do it together!

My Posts

I've worked/studied at these places...

Jalan Technology Consulting (JTC)

Jul 18 - Present

My current adventure involves creating web/mobile applications for our clients, Applications are built using latest technlogies such as Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, AWS etc

Okhlee (Adecity)

Mar 17 - Jun 18

I was among the core team of Okhlee. I created the Adecity from scratch along with other team mates, I was responsible for full stack development there. We used technlogies such as Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, AWS etc

Intecons Software Lab

Jun-Nov 16

I worked as a web development intern there. I worked on 4+ projects & integrated External Web APIs with their projects. I worked on technlogies such as JavaScript, PHP, MySql, jQuery, HTML/CSS etc

My Projects


NG-GIF is an Angular application which helps to search GIFs, powered by TENOR API


Task management application which lets you to organise your tasks.

Multiple Input Jquery Plugin

A jQuery multiple input plugin. It adds multiple text fields to document. for example- you want to add hobbies of user can add any number of hobbies with multiple input boxes

Jirafe - Chrome extension

Chrome extension to create a jira branch name of a feature